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About Dotties Dog House

As with many small business success stories Dotties Dog House was born out of challenging circumstances. Co-owner and groomer Rebbecca shares the story of the inspirations and journey that lead to her partnership with her daughter Ashlie and the opening of their beloved business Dotties Dog House Grooming Salon and Treatery.

The Story of the Creation of Dotties Dog House Grooming Salon

As with many small business success stories Dotties Dog House was born out of challenging circumstances. Co-owner and groomer Rebbecca shares the story of the inspirations and journey that lead to her partnership with her daughter Ashlie and the opening of their beloved business Dotties Dog House Grooming Salon and Treatery.

  In January of 2020, my mom, Dottie McLeaster passed away from complications due to dementia and digestive issues. Dottie was a very loving and gentlewoman. She had a special soft spot for animals and was always taking in a stray to nourish it back to health.  She loved visiting the dog salon myself and her granddaughter Ashlie both worked. She would watch us groom and she loved to shower the pups with loving and affection.

March of 2020 was a struggle we lost our beloved mother and grandmother, Dottie, and the covid pandemic struck. The pandemic cutbacks caused the shop I was employed by to reduce employees and I was furloughed.

My daughter and I decided to start a business to benefit dogs of all shapes and sizes, including a dog grooming salon, a pet treatery, and fun accessories for our canine friends. Now we had decided to open the business it was time to plan the logistics.  We knew the perfect location to open our first private dog grooming salon! The room, my Mom, Dottie had used when staying with us was the perfect location for a grooming salon and inspired the name for Dotties Dog House. It was on the first floor, right by the main entrance to our home. Over the next couple of months, we converted my Mom’s room into a full-service private dog grooming salon with the latest professional grooming equipment and supplies.

My years of working in public dog grooming salons had taught us many things. We made it a priority to incorporate the items we felt were being missed at other salons into our plan for our grooming salon. Knowing that there is often a great deal of anxiety for dogs coming into a crowded and busy dog grooming salon because they went directly into either an unfamiliar metal kennel box or a bathing tub and it is often an hour or longer before the groomer was ready to start their groom and interact with the dogs. In the meantime, while waiting in crates they are not used to, they are subjected to the noise and confusion of other dogs barking, commercial force blow-dryers, and the busy groomers coming and going . . . what a way to create an experience full of anxiety and fear for your dog! I was committed to providing a calm, fun, and safe environment at a price everyone could afford to give their pet a pampered grooming experience!

The actual opening day for Dotties Dog House was May 5, 2020! The spirit of Mom’s love for all animals is something that we have worked to keep alive at Dottie’s Dog House. The love that I have all dogs is demonstrated in the satisfied customers, the word-of-mouth referrals we have consistently received, and the way that Dotties Dog House continues to grow. In fact, we are opening a second location in Westerville in the spring of 2021!

To ensure Dotties Dog House was everything we envisioned, we created a private salon that offered all the perks of the larger commercial grooming shops without all the downsides. Dotties Dog House is a peaceful, homey, and, private environment where each dog would be our only focus during their time with us. Best of all our low overhead allows us to offer luxury pet grooming at an affordable price!  We are excited to announce we are opening a second location in Westerville in early 2021!

Here at Dottie’s Dog House we one family of dogs in the salon at a time. To ensure we follow covid protocols and help the dogs feel comfortable from the beginning,  We greet the family and take the dogs directly from the parent (owner) family only after loving on the dog while discussing your dog, expectations, and the grooming style you desire. Once I have a clear understanding the what the Pup-prietors desire for their dogs groom, I escort your dog into the salon for their pampering package loving on them, talking to them, calling them by name – working to let them get to know me and allowing the family to see me interact with their dog to eliminate any concerns they might have in leaving him/her with me. This process has proven to build trust with my doggie and human clients immediately reducing anxiety.

Once in the shop, we continue to build our trust relationship with the pup by allowing them to spend a few minutes exploring the shop.  With the dog’s grooming beginning on a positive note, we’ve found the dogs are relaxed and willing to listen and respond to commands while grooming. It is fun to see how well this process has worked to welcome them to our pack and how excited they are to see us when they returned for their next groom.

The Covid Pandemic in 2020 brought much heartache and pain to many lives, but I am thankful because, in spite of all the challenges it brought into my life, it also forced me to begin to live out the dream of owning my own company and working hard to bring a little joy into the hearts of our 4 legged friends.

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Thank you, Columbus for choosing Dotties Dog House for your dog’s grooming needs! Click for more info about our services or location and hours.  We look forward to the opportunity to pamper your pups! Our Second Location is now open at 640 w Schrock Rd, Westerville, Oh 43081! Call 614 216-8109 for an appointment.

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Meet Co-owner and Master Pet Groomer Ashlie

Ashlie has 14 years’ experience in the veterinarian field. She attended college and graduated with an AS in Applied Science through the Vet Tech Institute of Bradford Schools. 

She has worked alongside veterinarians since she was 14 years old and has gleaned much experience in handling and behavior of animals. She was employed for 8 years as a Vet Tech and then Surgery Supervisor at Rascal Animal Hospital. She then went into grooming full-time at Bubbles and Bows which is located in Sunbury, Ohio where she has been the Lead Groomer/Manager for the last 4 years. In that time, she has grown and maintained a large clientele, while training additional groomers and gaining experience in scheduling for multiple groomers, marketing to the community and surrounding areas, as well as additional knowledge necessary in managing and expanding a successful grooming business. Ashlie’s specialties include large dog grooming and she is one of the few local grooming professionals who offer cat grooming services as well! Additionally, she has invested in training and had years of practice. to work with dogs big and small who have been turned away at other groomers because of behaviors that can be deemed “aggressive” such as nipping or growling. She not only grooms these dogs but also helps them feel safe, comfortable, and learn new positive behaviors with her patience and training. If you need help grooming your pet that has been turned away from other groomers call Ashlie 513 519-9154 for your assessment and appointment.

Dotties Dog House is dedicated to promoting your dog’s health and wellbeing so we have created 1-2 minute videos to answer many of our owner’s questions about caring for their dogs. 

We regularly post new blogs and promotions. Make sure you never miss a tip or special grooming promotion from Dotties Dog House and Treatery by joining our pack!

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Address: 575 River Pebble Dr, Blacklick, OH 43004

Phone: (513) 519 9154

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