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In this edition of Dotties Dog House Pet Grooming Salon’s Blog we answer Should I Brush My Canines Teeth and How to Be a Responsible Pet Owner? Plus you can watch Ashlie and Canine Costar Mavis for a 1-minute instructional video with tips on How to Fix Sharp Dog Nails.

Should I Brush My Canine’s Teeth?

The short answer is absolute! Dogs need regular teeth brushing just like their human companions. 

What if you never bathed or brushed your teeth….Would you be healthy? How would you feel? What shape are your teeth and gums in? Those are some of the issues your dog will face if they do not receive regular grooming and teeth brushing. Although regular tooth brushing will help with your dogs breath and light tooth build-up. Large amounts of plaque and ongoing dental health will surely require help from a veterinarian.

75 Tips to be a Responsible Pet Owner from the AKC

Click to the link above to read the entire article from the American Kennel Club or read on for a few of our favorite tips.. 

Be Prepared for a Lifelong Commitment

Bringing a new pet into your home is a big choice.  Be sure to recognize the commitment before deciding that a new animal companion is right for you. To do this make an honest assessment of items such as are you ready for the financial, emotional, and time commitment owning a pet requires?

Consider a Senior or Special Needs Pet

Puppies and kittens aren’t for everyone. If an older pet better fits your lifestyle, check rescues in our local area such as Speak for the Unspoken who specialize in placing special needs dogs in loving homes. There are many loving animals that are often overlooked because of age or special needs. An additional benefit of rescue pets is they are usually spayed or neutered as well as screened for health and temperament issues.

Research, Research, Research

Whether you choose to adopt or go with a breeder for your new pet you will have tons of research to become a good responsible pet owner. A few additional items we highly recommend researching and having a plan for are listed below.

  • Space and environment required for your pet of choice
  • Training options for your new companion
  • Healthy Diet Choices
  • Professionals to care for your pet such as Veterinarian, Dog Walker, Pet Sitters and Groomers

If you are looking for an affordable groomer who will spoil your pet just like their own and you are around Columbus our groomers will exceed all your grooming expectations! We promise to groom your dog or cat to breed standards while meeting your special requirements and we always put your pet’s comfort and safety first. 

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