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Tips to Brush Your Dogs Coat Like a Professional

Watch Rebecca as she shares techniques to brush your dog like a pro in this quick instructional video

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Choose the Right Dog Brush by Answering These Questions

What type of coat does your dog have? Do they have fur or hair? Are they prone to matting? How often do they get brushed between grooming appointments?

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Brushing a Dogs Coat Regularly is a Healthy Habit

Brushing your dog is imperative to not only keep them looking good but also helps keep coat and skin healthy. If a dog becomes matted it can be difficult and painful to brush them out and alleviating severe matting can require shaving. Did you know that Dotties Dog House donates professional groom to local rescues with each first-time grooming appointment! Call us to learn more!

Most Importantly Be Gentle 

The dog’s face and ears are very sensitive. always brush your dog gently and patiently. You know how it feels when your hair gets pulled imagine how your dog feels when being handled roughly during brushing. Brushing your dog should be fun, enjoyable, and a bonding experience for both of you.

Bonus Tip: Add conditioner to matted or neglected areas to help make brushing easier for you & your canine companion.

Need Help from a Professional to Get Your Dogs Coat In Shape?

Stop by Dotties Dog House and we will give you an honest assessment of your dog’s coat and condition. We will make the best recommendation for your dog’s wellbeing and happiness. If you are looking for an affordable dog groomer who will treat your dog like one of their own pack then Dotties Dog House Is the place for you! We are conveniently located at 575 River Pebble Dr, Blacklick, OH 43004  Our second location in Westerville will be opening in 2021!

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