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Is Your Dog Exitibing Anxious or Nervous Tendencies?

The team at Dotties Dog House Pet Grooming Salon understands your dog may have a nervous personality and exhibit anxious behavior when going for a groom we are known for helping dogs feel safe and comfortable during their grooming. Rebecca and Zombie share a technique we use to aid in the dog’s comfort

Many people think that shaking when nervous is only a small dog issue. Actually, any size dog can exhibit these behaviors when anxious including peeing. Your dog is not doing this to be disobedient or rude, and contrary to popular belief shaking and peeing can actually be a good release for an anxious dog. Regardless of the size, they need reassurance to feel safe and secure. Gently distract them or redirect peeing to the designated spot.

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Our Doggie Costar Zombie is an Australian Cattle Dog

Today we will share some fun facts about this active and extremely loyal breed

They are Very Colorful and aka Red and Blue Heelers

These robust dogs come in red and blue. Coats are water-resistant double-layered coats that allow water to bead and slide right off and can either be speckled or mottled. Speckled coats are light spots on a dark background, while mottled is the reverse. 

These loving canines have ranked as high as #15 on AKC America’s favorite dog breeds list

The Oldest Dog in History

According to the Guinness Book of World Records Bluey, was the oldest dog to ever live. Bluey the Australian cattle dog was born in 1910 and happily herded sheep close to 20 years. Bluey lived for 29 years and five months! The average canine lifespan is 8-15 years depending on the breed and environmental factors with this breed averaging 12-15 years.

They are a Crossbreed of Several Dogs including the Kelpie 

Australian cattle dogs today get their agility and speed from the dingo, but their faithfulness from the Dalmatian. 

Australian Cattle Dogs are Adventures

They love activity and the outdoors. These dogs have been known to hang-glide, surf, and even riding mechanical bulls! Be ready for lots of excitement and long walks when you share your hope with the loyal Blue and Red Heelers.

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