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Why Do Dogs have Teary, Messy, or Goopy Eyes?

In this 2-minute video with Rebecca and doggie costar Petri the pomeranian, you will learn why your dog’s eyes are teary or have eye boogers and how to help correct this common canine health issue. 

When your dog’s eyes have excessive tearing and discharge if left untreated it can cause issues with your dog’s health, vision, and safety. This problem is not only unsightly it can go from uncomfortable to painful for your dog. In worse cases, it can lead to blindness. Our latest Vlog will tell you how to bring some relief to your dog’s watery eyes. 

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Pomeranian Dog Facts

This designer breed is compact and full of spunk. We are excited to share some information about the delightful pomeranian.

Pomeranians have a Nickname every Cheerleader will Love!

These Foxy faced dogs are often called Pom Poms

Pint Size with Big Personalities

These friendly pups usually weigh between 3-7 pounds with rare examples reaching 14+pounds. Don’t let their small size fool you; they love to be the center of attention and are very energetic.

Pomeranians Make Great Therapy Dogs!

These beautiful dogs are often trained to be service and therapy dogs, even helping the deaf community with their guidance. They are easy to care for and require regular brushing to help reduce shedding. 

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