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Dog Grooming Training Tips

Ashlie and her canine costar are sure to entertain while sharing some training tips to prepare your puppy or dog for professional grooming in this 2-minute video. Read on for puppy training tips that will be sure to help your new furbaby grow into the adult dog you desire.

Bringing home a new puppy can be very exciting as well as a bit scary. These puppy training tips are sure to help you and your puppy stay safe, healthy, and happy. We will address how early grooming helps the puppy with socializing and feeling comfortable with the grooming process in our latest Pampered Pet Blog.

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Do You Have Questions About Puppy Training?

Puppies are synonymous with rainbows and babies for the amount of joy they bring to their owners and the world around them. We answer several questions to help puppy owners acclimate to being a puppy parent.

Positive Reinforcement

Encourage your puppy with positive reinforcement such as treats, pats, kind words and redirection. Tons of patience and lots of trial and error will be required to learn what works for you, your family, and your newest member of your home.

Puppy Manners

It is imperative to teach your puppy how to be a good friend with the other dogs they meet. A few ways to help with socialization is taking your puppy to visit with friends, especially those who have dogs, dog parks, dog beaches, and bringing them to places like your vet and groomer. Instituting the behaviors with your dog will increase comfortability with the many environments our pets are exposed to. Another big benefit is helping the dog avoid future anxiety.

Puppy Training with a Pro

Franklin County is home to many reputable dog trainers who can give you additional support, training, and guidance. Sometimes it’s easiest to call in a professional if you’re struggling with your new role as puppy parents, after all, it’s a full-time job watching after a puppy! Investing in even a few lessons will surely make your life easier.

Love and Patience

Above all always treat your puppy with love and patience. Enjoy the unconditional love your new family member will share with you throughout the years to come!

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