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Are Your Dogs Nails Too Sharp? 

In this 2-minute video with Ashlie and Mavis, you will learn how to fix sharp dog nails and why it’s important to trim and often Dremel your dog’s sharp nails to protect your loved ones’ safety and maximize your dog’s comfort.

When your dog’s nails get too long it can not only hurt them but also can damage furniture, floors, and cause accidental injuries, especially to your elderly loved ones whose skin can be easily torn and infected. Make sure to protect your dog and home with regular nail trimming. As a bonus set an appointment to treat your dog to a pawdicure with one of our Pampered Grooming Packages!

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A Few Grooming Client FAQ’s Answered

In this blog, we will answer a few of the most popular questions our human clients ask when bringing their canine companions to Dotties Dog House

Differences Between a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle

What’s the difference? Both are a combination breed with a purebred poodle. Sizes will range depending on the size of the poodle. Labradoodle is a cross with a purebred Labrador. Goldendoodles are a mix with a purebred Golden Retriever and Both breeds are active, friendly, and loving. 

What’s the Best Technique to Brush My Dog 

People ask us all the time, how do I care for and brush my dog’s coat between grooming appointments? Watch Rebecca in this instructional dog video that answers the question with easy brushing techniques to keep your dog’s coat soft, healthy, and mat-free. 

 Learn tips to brush your dog like a pro

Help! My Dog Smells Bad 

The anal glands may need expression is vital to keeping some breeds of dogs healthy and comfortable. If your dog is dragging the butt or struggling when going to the bathroom they may need their anal glands expressed to give them relief.

Do Dogs Need Teeth Brushing?

Just like humans, a dog’s mouth is full of bacteria and needs to be cleaned. Brushing a dog’s teeth and gums will help reduce infection risks, and can make stinky dogs breathe a thing of the past. Of course for long-term and more severe issues, a vet maybe needed to remove the plague.

We have a full range of grooming and health supplies for you to take home to care for your dog between grooming appointments.

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