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Wondering What to Expect From a Professional Dog Groom at Dotties Dog House?

Today we will answer that question in a quick video. Dotties Dog House Treatery and Grooming Salon pride themselves in providing the best pet grooming service around the Columbus area.  

Dotties Dog House Treatery and Grooming Salon pride themselves in providing the best pet grooming service around the Columbus area. Watch Rebecca and Doggie costar Maverick the Bernedoodle explain what you can expect from our professional grooming services. Guess what? You don’t just have to take our word for it! Click for More Dotties Dog House Reviews.

Alice Gardner Royal Elm said this 

“My crazy Chihuahuas love her.”

Our Pampered Pet Blog provides answers with blogs and 1-2 minute instructional videos to your questions like how do I fix my dog’s sharp nails? While you are there you will be able to read our Tips to help Anxious Dogs.

Affordable Pet Grooming Benefits

Is a professional dog groomer worth the cost? Only you can truly discern the information and choose what’s best for your dog. We share a few benefits for you to consider when choosing to use a local master dog grooming salon-like Dotties Dog House.

Healthy All-Natural Products 

We invest in the best all-natural dog products and have the perfect shampoo for every dog whether they are itchy,  or have sensitive skin, we have the perfect shampoo for your dog. Are your dog’s eyes goopy click for tips to help 

Our affordable dog salon carries all the items you need at home to keep your dog in tip-top shape and healthy treats to keep them happy between visits to Dotties Dog House Grooming Salon and Treatery

We Understand Anxious Dogs and Their Special Needs

Is your dog shaking or having episodes of nervous peeing? Many dog breeds exhibit this emotional trait and though as a human you may view this as a bad condition but actually most of the time it is a sign your canine companion feels safe enough to release their fear. Gently encourage them and redirect any peeing to your dog’s designated potty area. We take extra measures at our dog salon to comfort anxious dogs including a comfort hammock for nail trimming.

Pawdicure more than a Dog Luxury

As humans, we all enjoy a pedicure to keep our feet happy & healthy. Guess what? Your dog wants the same loving treatment to their nails and paws. The harsh Ohio weather affects your dog’s feet and comfort! Give your dogs paws the care they need to feel comfortable and safe with our signature Pawdicure Service by appointment only. 

Call to set your Pawdicure 

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